Practice-Building Workshops

Letting Your Passion Guide You: A Practice Building Workshop

Join us for this 90-minute interactive, strength-building workshop on how your passion offers the best guide for building a prosperous and rewarding business. Through visualization, writing, and discussion, you will gain clarity and tools for how to build prosperity in your practice by trusting and focusing on what you truly love.

Identifying Your Ideal Client & Basic Message

Building on the clarity gained during the first workshop on passion, participants will spend time identifying and articulating their ideal client profile – whether it is a “type” of client, a kind of issue, or a way of working. From here, you’ll begin crafting your basic message, an essential tool in all marketing.

Creating a Strategic Plan for your Business

The only surefire way to grow your business is to have a clear vision for prosperity and then create goals and a plan that advances it in that direction. Learn concrete strategies for creating a thriving practice – and thriving in the process of creating it. This 3-hour program includes interactive activities, practical resources, and an opportunity to connect with colleagues.

Speaking your Message with Clarity and Confidence

Join us for this 90-minute fun and engaging workshop in which participants practice speaking about their practices and learn strategies for engaging potential clients in meaningful dialogues about the work. Learn tools to make your message easily heard, understood, and remembered.

Building Strong Referral Relationships

In this interactive 90-minute program, you’ll learn the importance of strong referral relationships in building your practice, how to identify other professionals uniquely positioned to connect you with your ideal client, and successful strategies to cultivate mutually beneficial referral relationships.

Redefining Marketing!

Professionals in the healthcare and healing arts fields are often uncomfortable with the idea of marketing their businesses. They may associate marketing with sales and feel it is out of alignment with their reasons for entering the field (to help and educate people!). In this 90-minute workshop, we’ll redefine marketing and explore the many different ways professionals can begin to spread the word about the amazing services and programs they are providing.