Therapy for Therapists


While skilled at helping others, therapists may be reluctant to seek their own support, believing instead that they should somehow be able to heal themselves. While therapists can do a lot to nurture their own wellness, engaging in the process of therapy can bring tremendous insight and growth. I understand the challenges of this role shift for healers, accustomed to being the ones giving the care instead of receiving it, and am experienced in facilitating a respectful and safe container for the work.

Therapists and other healers may enter the profession in part motivated by the unresolved issues of their own childhoods, issues that may be triggered or even exacerbated in their work. Therapy encourages the cultivation of deeper self-compassion and encourages counselors to access their innate healing qualities on their own behalf.

Many therapists also benefit from doing EMDR Therapy work to process unresolved traumatic experiences and/or to address negative core beliefs impacting their current happiness.

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