Practice Building

slide-practiceWhy is Practice-Building Needed?

Healthcare professionals often struggle with the idea that their private practice is a business that requires entrepreneurial skills to thrive. Business and practice-building skills are absent from academic programs, and practitioners are often uncomfortable with the idea of marketing their businesses. They may associate marketing with sales and feel it is out of alignment with their reasons for entering the field (to help and educate people!).

Individual and Group Practice-Building Consultations and Workshops

Through my experience in private practice and my role as Founder of The Resiliency Center, I know what it takes to succeed in the business of private practice. I help professionals learn to view marketing as an extension of their work – based in principles of education, service, and relationship. I believe that one’s passion and skills offer the best guide for creating prosperity, and the only surefire way to grow a business is to have a clear vision and a solid plan.

I help practitioners:

  • Evaluate how they would like to transform their practices;
  • Speak about their work with clarity and confidence;
  • Assess their marketing style;
  • Create a big picture marketing strategy to strengthen community awareness of their programs and services;
  • and Begin taking concrete, meaningful action steps to generate greater prosperity in their businesses.

Individual Consultations

I work one-on-one with practitioners to develop a personalized approach to practice-building that is sustainable over time. Healthcare professionals working with Elizabeth discover new ideas for how they can spread the word about their work — and create opportunities for people seeking support to find and connect with them.

Creating a Thriving Private Practice Program Series

The Creating a Thriving Private Practice Program Series is offered on a rotating schedule, with at least one workshop per month, including:

  • Letting Your Passion Guide You: A Practice Building Workshop
  • Creating your Strategic Plan for your Business
  • Speaking your Message with Clarity and Confidence
  • Building Strong Referral Relationships
  • Redefining Marketing!