Practice Building

Healthcare professionals, drawn into their work out of a strong desire to facilitate healing, often struggle with the idea that their private practice is a business and that this business requires them to develop entrepreneurial skills so it can thrive. Academic training programs in counseling and healthcare occupations rarely include any business classes or even meaningful dialogue about practice-building, so professionals starting an independent practice often lack the information and tools they need to succeed. Practitioners with longstanding private practices may also find themselves newly struggling to grow their businesses, faced with a changing economy, higher numbers of diverse healing professionals in the marketplace, and an increasingly discerning, web-savvy audience of potential clients.

Succeeding in Private Practice

Through her experience in private practice and her role as Founder of The Resiliency Center, Elizabeth Venart has learned what it takes to succeed in the business of private practice. She believes strongly that one’s passion and skills offer the best guide for creating prosperity, and that only surefire way to grow a business is to have a clear vision and a solid plan. In her work as a practice-building consultant, Elizabeth helps practitioners evaluate how they would like to transform their practices, speak about their work with clarity and confidence, assess their marketing style, create a big picture marketing strategy to strengthen community awareness of their programs and services, and begin taking concrete, meaningful action steps to generate greater prosperity in their businesses.

Therapists and other healthcare professionals have varying degrees of knowledge and comfort with the business of private practice. Therefore, I customize my work to the specific questions, needs, and focus of each person. The work often begins by clarifying and finding the right language to describe one’s specialty niche – then creating a plan to spread the word effectively. For those already clear on their market and what makes their approach unique, our work may be focused on developing the comprehensive marketing plan, evaluating steps taken, and continuing to move forward with projects, programs, and developing community collaborations. Our goal is to create plans that are sustainable over time. As actions are taken, our work together may include identifying any blocks to growth and cultivating a prosperity mindset. Integrating my knowledge of Internal Family Systems, I am able to help you work through any internal or external barriers that block forward movement.

Individual and Group Consultations for Practice-Building

Through individual and group consultations, as well as introductory workshops, she teaches practitioners to redefine marketing in a way that is expansive and energizing and to discover a personalized approach to practice-building that is sustainable over time. Healthcare professionals working with Elizabeth discover new ideas for how they can spread the word about their work – and create opportunities for those community members already seeking support to find and connect with them.

Career Consultations

Drawing upon two decades of experience in the field – and knowledgeable about the challenges and opportunities it offers – I support counselors in crafting individualized career development plans to enhance sustainability in the profession. By focusing on what counselors find most meaningful and rewarding in the work and addressing energy drains, I help counselors create lasting change.