Professional Trainings on Trauma & Resiliency


I have been providing training programs to professional helpers since 1996, presenting at the local, regional, and national levels. My programs educate individuals and organizations, provide forums for increased self-awareness and community-building, and creatively support the needs of helpers to nurture themselves as well as others. My strength lies in making the material come to life for participants through reflection exercises, dialogue, play, and opportunities for creative expression.

Training Specialties

  • trauma and resiliency
  • vicarious trauma and burnout
  • counselor wellness
  • stress management
  • team-building and retreats for organizations
  • creativity development

Customized Training at your Workplace

In addition to the programs offered at The Resiliency Center, I bring trainings into diverse workplaces, partnering with agency and corporate leaders to develop customized programs that work effectively with their organizational culture and specific staff needs.

Counselor Wellness Intensives

These three-hour education and support sessions are designed to offer helping professionals time to focus on themselves, tools to promote wellness and resiliency, and valuable opportunities to dialogue with one another for increased support. Programs include integrative wellness approaches drawing from a variety of practices and professional disciplines. These include mindfulness and meditation, movement, expressive arts, music, laughter yoga, aromatherapy, creative visualization, and recreational therapy.


The fees for training programs vary according to the specific programs offered.