I have worked with several counselors in the past and this was the first time that it all came together and got the results I was seeking.  I can’t thank Elizabeth enough for guiding me through the alterations and amendments of life that have made me a stronger, joyful, and peaceful person.

I have repeatedly witnessed Elizabeth’s exceptional professional skills and innate compassion creating the optimal container for her clients’ therapeutic process. Elizabeth’s ability to see that there are many paths to resilience is a gift which repeatedly benefits her clients throughout the course of their work together. Her approach is nurturing and creative with an emphasis on finding joy and supporting her clients as they discover their innate resources.

Elizabeth is an incredibly gifted counselor. Her years of experience and training working with varied populations allows her to conceptualize her clients and their issues rapidly; yet she is careful to get to know each client as a unique individual with specific needs. She is holistic in her approach and sees the counseling relationship as a partnership in healing and discovery. Her nurturing, kind, and respectful presence enable her to make the counseling process safe and comfortable. Elizabeth is constantly seeking training and education in her field, therefore offering the most current techniques and clinical research findings in her practice. Her talents as a counselor are reflective in her work as a supervisor, and our professional relationship was very instrumental in my growth as a counselor. I never think twice before sending her a referral, and trust her work implicitly.


I value Elizabeth’s very intuitive and insightful way of helping me to uncover and recognize situations, patterns, and thought processes that were having a negative impact on me being able to truly live.

Her use of EMDR was a key process of breaking the hold of old traumatic situations that were zapping my energy and keeping me from living a more joyful life. I have tried many other counseling processes over the years that were able to only bring me so far but not far enough.  After hearing about EMDR, I thought it was worth trying one more time to try to be free from a nagging sadness that I hadn’t been able to find.

The EMDR method along with Elizabeth’s style has brought me to a whole new way of being.  I have been able to process old situations and shift to a place of feeling a much lighter load, being able to live, not be so bogged down and sad.  I am living. THANK YOU ELIZABETH AND EMDR.

In my experience with Elizabeth, I was able to overcome issues that had plagued me for most of my adolescent and adult life.  Through the use of EMDR and talking through with Elizabeth what was being brought out in the EMDR sessions, I was able to get to the bottom of past experiences that were severely handicapping me in my daily life.

EMDR has enabled me to connect with ways to reduce my stress and feel less anxious. Partnering with Elizabeth for this rewarding journey has been a life changing experience. Her warmth and compassion provided the emotional safety that I needed. And an unintended benefit has been that the experience has led me to practicing meditation and mindfulness, which has also helped me be more relaxed.

Group Counseling

I gained an ability to ‘let go’ of negative thoughts and not let them effect my everyday life. I also learned to appreciate positive feedback and embrace compliments and good surroundings.

I really valued the support of this group and realizing that everyone has a path and needs support along the way. I now have tools I can use to help keep me focused and have learned not to be so hard on myself.


Elizabeth Venart, through the use of her clinical and administrative skills, has dedicated her life to help individuals realize their own potential to improve their lives and help them to realize their goals in achieving the highest quality of life. Her gentle, unique, and multifaceted approach to self-care makes her a pioneer. Her passion is contagious. As an intern under her supervision, I can say with great admiration, that she is one of the most inspirational people I have ever met. She has most definitely made an impact on my life at both home and in the work environment.

Becoming a LPC was an achievement that wouldn’t have been possible without the help and guidance of Elizabeth. I had the amazing opportunity to have Elizabeth as my Clinical Supervisor for the duration of my clinical hours.  Elizabeth’s many years of experience, knowledge, insight and support throughout my journey made her a great mentor and supervisor.  Elizabeth was approachable, caring, reliable, and professional which I greatly appreciated for our work together.  She will walk you through the process and will also provide the necessary guidance which will enable you to grow professionally as you work with your clients. The input, feedback, and direction I received from Elizabeth was immensely helpful. If you are seeking a well-qualified, ethical and highly experienced professional to assist you through the journey of obtaining your clinical hours for your LPC, I highly recommend Elizabeth.

As an EMDR supervisor, Elizabeth Venart demonstrates therapeutic qualities of a strong working alliance with her supervisee that consists of guidance, agreement on goals, and practical therapeutic tools for you to use with your clients. She offers a variety of EMDR skills that result in successful treatment outcomes. She is especially helpful with building your skills for working with complicated client cases.

I truly believe that it was Elizabeth’s supervision of her conceptual knowledge and master technical skills of EMDR that facilitated helping this former supervisee become strongly confident in my work as an EMDR therapist.

Professional Trainings on Vicarious Trauma

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your support over years we have worked together. Working in a job that regularly exposes me to the effects of vicarious trauma, your support and the things you have taught me have allowed me to be more resilient and remain in my job. Words are not sufficient to express what that has meant to me. I feel like I am healthier, both physically and mentally, than I was when we started. Your support, your insight and your continuous urges to make my self-care a priority are messages that I will carry forward with me. Thank you for what you do!

Elizabeth was a dedicated counselor and supervisor. During our time working together at Victim Services Center, she worked with her clients and supervisees to stress the importance of managing their own self-care. She introduced me to the concept of Vicarious Trauma and impressed upon me the necessity of balancing my own needs with the demanding work of working with trauma survivors.

Elizabeth fully supported ways to improve our counseling techniques and she connected our department with a well respected play therapist. During my time working with Elizabeth I developed a respect and appreciation for trauma work. She encouraged me to continue with my training and to grow and learn more.


I was lucky enough to have Elizabeth as my professor at Drexel University for Group Counseling 1 and Group Counseling 2. Elizabeth always encouraged me and my classmates to share our feelings, opinions, and fears with the group. Elizabeth never judged us for what we shared or how we expressed ourselves. Instead, she provided a safe, warm environment for us to feel truly comfortable.

For the first time in my life I was able to be me, not the person that I thought others wanted me to be. This is the gift that Elizabeth gave me. For this, my knowledge about counseling, and so much more, I am forever grateful.

Elizabeth’s passion for her work and commitment to her students is unparalleled.  She provides a non-threatening learning environment, in which students experience academic and life lessons alike. Her vast knowledge and warm demeanor are a successful combination for the many projects she embarks upon.

I found Ms. Venart extremely helpful and supportive as an instructor. She enriched the classroom experience by helping me mold my own style as a counseling professional and explore areas for personal growth.


Elizabeth Venart, LPC is anextraordinary mentor and teacher, and has a tremendous amount to offer those who wish to effectively and efficiently build their private practice as a healing professional. I have seen Elizabeth first hand articulate a vision and mission for The Resiliency Center, develop a strategic plan, and create an unparalled healing and learning environment.

Elizabeth is supportive, inspiring and incredibly knowledgable about marketing and practice building. She has been able to create a powerful sense of community among practitioners which I feel right now, as I write this recommendation.

Elizabeth has provided me with very valuable insights and strategies that have proven to grow my practice as a marriage and family therapist. She suggested creating a specialty niche in an area where I felt passionate and then building relationships within the community to help professionals identify me as their ‘go to provider.’

I went from viewing marketing as a task and potential hardship to an endeavor with endless opportunities. I now enjoy marketing, collaborating, and meeting with new people. Thank you, Elizabeth, for helping me to nurture my potential as a person and practitioner.

I had the opportunity to hire Elizabeth for individual consultations for my psychotherapy private practice and it was a great experience. Elizabeth was extremely helpful in guiding me to successfully build my practice. Her experience, creative problem-solving and support helped me learn the steps I needed to take to achieve my goals. She also acted as a accountability partner, which helped to motivate me to complete my tasks. I would recommend her to any clinician looking for support and guidance in building a successful private practice.

It is inspirational to work with a therapist who has built her own practice as well as a center, and continues to work dynamically in many more of her endeavors. Elizabeth is truly passionate about helping others to grow their practices. She takes time with people to find their ideal clients, while offering constructive direction in how to find them. In the group I participated in with her, we used Lynn Grodzki’s book, which was so helpful. Elizabeth takes a lot of Lynn’s messages of empowerment to build a prosperous livelihood doing the work that you love. I would (and have) recommended Elizabeth as a supportive coach to help you develop your ideal practice.

Elizabeth Venart is the practice development coach you’ve been looking for. She is an excellent listener, and has the know-how and experience to help you build an extremely successful personal practice. Most importantly, she can personalize a strategy that is unique to your situation and needs, and help you with the skills and encouragement to make it happen. She is probably the most effective woman I know and will help you to make your ideal personal practice a reality.

Laughter Yoga

I always enjoy attending Laughter Yoga with Elizabeth. She has a hearty laugh that makes others want to laugh with her. Her enthusiasm is genuine. The laughter yoga clears the lungs and makes me feel energized all day. Elizabeth has integrity in everything she does. She has a commitment to the community and to the Resiliency Center that is unparalleled.

This is such a fun group, and Elizabeth is a real hoot! All participants are warm and wonderful and I wish I could make it every week. So fun! Thank you, Elizabeth!!!

What a wonderful tool for anyone who is on a healing journey! If your life is stuck, this means that you are holding onto feelings that are no longer appropriate. Laughing yoga is helping me release what I hold onto! Thank You Elizabeth!

What a great group!! I was so nervous to try laughter yoga. I was worried it would feel awkward and I would look stupid. I had heard many great things about laughter yoga and decided to push past my uncomfortable feelings and at least try it. I am so glad I did. I had the best time and I felt so great afterwards. I meet some wonderful people. It was a great way to start my week. After sevearl weeks of practicing laughter yoga I find that I laugh alot easier and feel much lighter in my day to day life. So give it a try, youll love to laugh!!!