Couples Counseling


In my work with couples, we begin by co-creating a safe, healing environment where both partners can begin to express and explore the struggles they are having. The work begins with an exploration of the positive aspects of the relationship and the strengths each person brings to the partnership.

Providing Resources for Couples

Couples come to therapy looking for information and resources to help them, especially when stuck in repetitive arguments or patterns and feeling distant from one another.  Couples work focuses on concrete skill development in areas such as communication and conflict resolution. For example, couples struggling with different approaches to raising children gain the ability to listen more deeply to one another, find effective, mutually agreeable solutions, and create a more harmonious family life.

Helping Couples Give, Receive, and Experience Love

At the heart of most relationship struggles – and therefore at the center of couples counseling work – is the question of giving, receiving, and experiencing love. Therefore, the conversation in therapy begins with the experiences of love that initially brought two people together and explores how they can express and experience love more fully in order to sustain them in moving forward together through life’s challenges. Love is the most powerful resource for deepening connection and creating meaningful, lasting change.

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