Marianne Welch Salkind, MS., LPC, Certified EMDR Therapist

As an EMDR supervisor, Elizabeth Venart demonstrates therapeutic qualities of a strong working alliance with her supervisee that consists of guidance, agreement on goals, and practical therapeutic tools for you to use with your clients. She offers a variety of EMDR skills that result in successful treatment outcomes. She is especially helpful with building your skills for working with complicated client cases.

I truly believe that it was Elizabeth’s supervision of her conceptual knowledge and master technical skills of EMDR that facilitated helping this former supervisee become strongly confident in my work as an EMDR therapist.

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Lorraine Jede, Volunteer at Kraft YMCA

Elizabeth Venart, through the use of her clinical and administrative skills, has dedicated her life to help individuals realize their own potential to improve their lives and help them to realize their goals in achieving the highest quality of life. Her gentle, unique, and multifaceted approach to self-care makes her a pioneer. Her passion is contagious. As an intern under her supervision, I can say with great admiration, that she is one of the most inspirational people I have ever met. She has most definitely made an impact on my life at both home and in the work environment.

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Jaimee Arndt, LPC

Becoming a LPC was an achievement that wouldn’t have been possible without the help and guidance of Elizabeth. I had the amazing opportunity to have Elizabeth as my Clinical Supervisor for the duration of my clinical hours.  Elizabeth’s many years of experience, knowledge, insight and support throughout my journey made her a great mentor and supervisor.  Elizabeth was approachable, caring, reliable, and professional which I greatly appreciated for our work together.  She will walk you through the process and will also provide the necessary guidance which will enable you to grow professionally as you work with your clients. The input, feedback, and direction I received from Elizabeth was immensely helpful. If you are seeking a well-qualified, ethical and highly experienced professional to assist you through the journey of obtaining your clinical hours for your LPC, I highly recommend Elizabeth.

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