EMDR Client

I value Elizabeth’s very intuitive and insightful way of helping me to uncover and recognize situations, patterns, and thought processes that were having a negative impact on me being able to truly live.

Her use of EMDR was a key process of breaking the hold of old traumatic situations that were zapping my energy and keeping me from living a more joyful life. I have tried many other counseling processes over the years that were able to only bring me so far but not far enough.  After hearing about EMDR, I thought it was worth trying one more time to try to be free from a nagging sadness that I hadn’t been able to find.

The EMDR method along with Elizabeth’s style has brought me to a whole new way of being.  I have been able to process old situations and shift to a place of feeling a much lighter load, being able to live, not be so bogged down and sad.  I am living. THANK YOU ELIZABETH AND EMDR.

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